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Alfama Nest

Welcome to Alfama, where history and city life come together. In this corner, you can feel the essence of Fado in the air. We invite you to sit by the door, have a glass of wine, and experience the typical Lisbon from sunrise to sunset. The apartments are fully equipped with one or two bedrooms, living room, kitchen, dining area, bathroom, and even a sofa bed. It offers amenities like a television and Wi-Fi. With a fully equipped kitchen, it’s perfect for privacy enthusiasts who want their own space and the freedom to prepare their meals. Enjoy breakfast or dine at the doorstep of your Alfama apartment, surrounded by the sounds of Lisbon. We’re here waiting for you with open arms.

The little details

2 units
Alfama, Lisboa
Suitable for
Vacations Rental

What we have in each apartment

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  • Comfort Plus

    Ref: AN.0000
    Comfort Plus
    1 bedroom
    1 queen + 1 sofa bed
    1 bathroom
    Cable TV
    Historical building
    Equipped kitchen
    City view
  • Escape Retreat

    Ref: HABT.0000
    Escape Retreat
    1 bedroom
    1 queen
    1 bathroom
    Historical building
    River view
    Equipped kitchen
    Cable TV

The Neighbourhood

Alfama means history, means fado, means saudade. Step into its colorful chaos and roam the enchanting streets. Unravel hidden gems, and party like there's no mañana with the Festas de Santo António festivities (during June). Let soulful fado melodies tickle your heartstrings, as you join the joyful community jam. Alfama is your oyster, an artistic playground to splash your spirit on its vibrant canvas. March to your own beat, dance with abandon, and unleash your inner Picasso in this lively haven. Get ready to be inspired beyond measure and to fall in love with this little peace of Portuguese tradition.

5min walking
18min walking
5min walking
24 min driving
5min walking
1min walking

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